Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Damage

So what is wrong with it?
The following things are broken/missing:
Tatty carburettors and restricted rubbers
  • Seat is nowhere to be found.
  • Carburettors are missing, except for two, that are in terrible condition.
  • Only 2 inlet rubbers, and they are restricted.
  • Missing 1 air-filter rubber.
  • The fairing is broken in the mounting brackets.
  • The headlight nuts are coming of the fairing.
  • 3 out of 4 indicator lights are broken or damaged.
  • Side fairing on the left side has a broken mounting bracket.
  • Overall the fairing and fuel tank are scratched and dented.
  • Rear spoiler is corroded.
  • Fuel gauge isn't working.
  • Fuel tap is leaking.
  • No light in speedometer.
  • Clutch cable is sticky.
  • Indicator switch will not disengage.
  • Mirrors are corroded, will have to be changed.
  • Rear tire is flat.
  • Alloy wheels are corroded.
  • Front brakes are sticking.
  • Choke cable is sticky.
  • No battery.
  • All fluids and filters need changing.
Also the mufflers are not original and quite frankly, pretty ugly. So I might have to find a set of original ones at a later time.
Scratched up and parts missing, but plenty of potential
So a lot of things are wrong, first I will address the issues, that will cause it to fail a vehicle inspection, as in Denmark the amount of tax I have to pay, is dependent on the condition of the vehicle, so I will not make the bike look good at first, but merely make it legal.

I'm really trying to do this on a budget, and my goal is to get the bike road legal and drivable,  for less than 10.000 DKR (1350€/1000£), and so far it appears that it will cost about 6.000 DKR to get the tax paid and get some plates on it.
So I only have about 3.000 DKR to accomplish this, quite a challenge.

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